Luke Cage Music Video Released

Back in the early years of Luke Cage, the comic can be seen as a blacksploitation as we stated before. Being a black superhero in a time dominated by white superheroes made Luke Cage stand out. Cage’s character is equipped with a powerful frame and a stereotypical vocabulary. He walks around saying “hokey” in the early years and dons a gold chain and durag in the later years. You can look at the evolution of his character here

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According to The Guardian, Luke Cage was the first black superhero to get their own comic book. He’s a bulletproof black man wearing a hoodie; a superhero that hits home with the racial unrest and prejudice in our society. A music video was recently released for the series. The song is called “Bulletproof Love” by Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (feat. Method Man). 

The recent release of the Luke Cage series on Netflix broke down the streaming site for two hours, because of the amount of people watching. The series features a mostly black cast, set in Harlem, NY. While there’s a bit of cheesiness and damsel in distress-esque scenes, Cage is a hero that has evolved over time and stands for something great.  


Featured image courtesy of The Guardian