Love, Mystery, & A Bee Sting: ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2’s Best Moments

Dearest readers, season 2 of Bridgerton has reached #1 status on Netflix yet again and this author would like to discuss some of this social season’s most shocking and must-see moments.

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Season 2 of Netflix’s hit show Bridgerton premiered on March 25th and it’s safe to say that I’m obsessed. Based on the Julia Quinn book series of the same name, each season of Bridgerton follows one of the Bridgerton siblings and their journey in finding love. Season 2 is based on the book The Viscount Who Loved Me and centers around Anthony, the eldest Bridgerton sibling. 

This season was full of classic tropes, sensual staredowns, and classical covers of pop hits. While the entire season was enjoyable, particular moments tended to stand out from the rest. Let’s discuss some of the most shocking, exciting, and gasp-inducing moments from season 2 of Bridgerton (according to me, at least).

1. Anthony and Kate Meet: Episode 1


When the two main love interests first meet, it’s bound to be a special scene. This show proves to be no different. As he follows her on horseback, Anthony catches a glimpse of Kate. No words are needed as the two first communicate through eye contact. Then, when they do get to talking, their wit is immediately compatible, but it’s clear that it will take some character development for them to become a solid couple. This scene is not only classic meet-cute material, but it also does a great job of setting up the journey to come.

2. The Pall-Mall Scene: Episode 3


You gotta love a bit of competition. Watching the Bridgerton family, with the addition of Kate and Edwina, play pall-mall was a fun way to see each character’s personality shine. From Daphne and Kate being eagerly competitive to Anthony being a bit of a sore loser, the scene is a fun break from the stress of the social season. 

3. The Bee Scene: Episode 3


After watching his father die from a bee sting right in front of him, it makes sense that Anthony would be scared of bees. When Kate gets stung he starts to have a panic attack. I doubt this is the last time I will praise Jonathan Bailey in this article, but his acting in this scene is especially deserving of a shout-out. From the heavy breathing to the intense stares, this scene creates a bond between our protagonists that was not entirely there before. 

4. The ‘New Lord Featherington’ Is Actually Broke: Episode 4


I didn’t care much for the Featherington subplot this season but it seemed to be playing out fairly straightforwardly. Until episode 4 that is when the new Lord Featherington, AKA cousin Jack, reveals that his mines in America were a failure. First, they try to make you like this random guy and then they reveal he won’t even be able to help out our girl Penelope? That is utter betrayal. 

5. “The Object Of All Of My Desires”: Episode 5


Emotions run high as Kate and Anthony meet for what seems like another argument, but what actually happens is far more exciting. Anthony tells Kate that she is the reason his engagement with Edwina has been so difficult. She reminds him that she is leaving for India soon and he explains that the location is not exactly the problem. And then, the line of the season, my friends: “You are the bane of my existence and the object of all of my desires”. Oh. my. gosh. This scene might just be the bane of my existence because it has consumed my brain ever since I first watched it. The dialogue is stunning and the actors’ chemistry is incredibly potent. 

6. The Almost-Wedding & A Kiss: Episode 6


Ok, so this one is more like half an episode than just a moment, but it’s worth mentioning. I’m not sure it gets more slow-burn than watching a character arrive at their wedding day with the person they are not meant to marry. Edwina and Anthony’s almost-wedding creates tension and awkwardness that is almost painful to watch. After the wedding day plans fall apart, Kate meets Anthony to say goodbye. But as the music starts to swell, it becomes clear the scene may head in another direction. The two begin to kiss for the first time and the camera circles around them as the orchestrations become even more intense. Talk about an incredible scene. 

7. Kate Falls Off Her Horse: Episode 7


There’s nothing like a good injury to create conflict in a romantic story. While riding in the rain, Kate falls off of her horse and hits her head. Remember we’re in the Regency Era, so modern medicine is not there to ensure that Kate will recover. Anthony, who was following behind, screams “Kate!”. This may not initially seem like a big deal, but the Bridgerton characters typically use more formal titles when referring to one another. This loss of normalcy proves just how much Anthony cares for Kate and is shaken up in the moment.

8. Eloise Finds Out Penelope Is Lady Whistledown: Episode 8


After finding out that Penelope has been the writer behind the ‘Lady Whistledown’ scandal sheets this entire time, Eloise has a right to be mad. But tearing apart the room of your once best friend- that’s another level of anger. It’s heartbreaking to see these two go from as close as can be to enemies. I feel for both Penelope and Eloise in this scene. They have both been largely misunderstood for the entire series and they have coped in different ways. Sometimes that breaks people apart. 

9. “I would never dream of courting Penelope Featherington”: Episode 8


After dancing with Penelope at the ball, Colin is pestered by a group of guys and responds by saying he would never court Penelope. And *spoiler alert* they do end up together- at least in the books anyway. That doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt to hear him say that he would never date her. I guess we’ll just have to wait until next season to see how this cruel remark affects the story. 

10.  Kate And Anthony Declare Their Love: Episode 8


I think this perfectly written scene speaks for itself:

“I love you. I’ve loved you from the moment we raced each other in that park. I’ve loved you at every dance, on every walk, every time we’ve been together, and every time we’ve been apart. You do not have to accept it or embrace it or even allow it. Knowing you, you probably will not. But you must know it, in your heart.”

All I would like to add is… FINALLY!!!


These are just some of the best moments of season 2 of Bridgerton. Which one is your favorite? 

Season 2 of Bridgerton is now streaming on Netflix. 

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