Lost Dr. SeussBook ‘Horse Museum’ to Be Published

Theodor Seuss Geisel, A.K.A. Dr. Seuss, has over sixty children’s books published, and long after his passing, adaptations of his work continue to be made year after year.


Dr Seuss looking at camera smiling, wearing glasses

Photograph of Dr. Seuss. | Image via Goodreads.


But who could’ve guessed that the beloved children’s author and illustrator would have one more book up his sleeve, or perhaps in his hat? To be released this upcoming September Dr. Seuss’ new book is entitled Horse Museum.


Image via Amazon.


A never-before-published Dr. Seuss book about creating and looking at art!

Based on a manuscript and sketches discovered in 2013, this book is like a visit to a museum—with a horse as your guide!

Explore how different artists have seen horses, and maybe even find a new way of looking at them yourself. Discover full-color photographic art reproductions of pieces by Picasso, George Stubbs, Rosa Bonheur, Alexander Calder, Jacob Lawrence, Deborah Butterfield, Franz Marc, Jackson Pollock, and many others—all of which feature a horse! Young readers will find themselves delightfully transported by the engaging equines as they learn about the creative process and how to see art in new ways.


An adorable way to introduce the arts to little kids! They all go through a horse phase at some point (I know I did). The book is written by Seuss,  however acclaimed illustrator Andrew Joyner illustrated it!


Andrew Joyner looking at camera, wearing glasses. Gray, wavy hair and a patterned shirt beneath black jacket. Standing in front of ivy covered wall.

Photograph of Andrew Joyner. | Image via ABC Education.


Joyner took inspiration from Seuss’ original sketches and, while maintaining the “Seussian” style, creates a look that is all his own. So if you’re a diehard fan of Dr. Seuss, or just a parent or teacher looking for a new book to share with your kids, then check out Horse Museum! It’ll be coming out September 3rd of this year.



Featured Image via StMU History Media