Lose Several Years of Your Life Looking at this Gorgeous Handwriting

Have you lurked reddit’s amazing subreddit /r/PenmanshipPorn‘? It features the best and most satisfying handwriting of all time. I don’t make the rules.


Many of the posts are people’s notes for school, signs spotted in cafes, and some are created specifically for the thread. There are also miscellaneous finds including, weirdly, Eminem’s letter to Tupac’s mother. 


Here’s a list of some of my personal favorites. 


Fuck Winter

Winter is coming? / via Srlukhi123


Biology notes

Impossibly good-looking biology notes / via floofycookies


Eminem's letter to Tupac's mother

Eminem’s letter to Tupac’s mum. / via Smilesky



Reddit user ellehcore‘s amazing penmanship


More incredible bio notes

More school notes that make me feel bad about the state of my life / via brochaachoo


sign in london

This sign in the London Underground that hits way too close to home and is frankly rude. / via reddit



The most beautiful Starbucks order of all time AND they spelled her name correctly? Clearly Ciara’s allocation of luck for the year went entirely on this one coffee order. / via reddit


Assymentrical alphabet

This symmetrical alphabet is more beautiful than any human I’ve ever seen, I’m going to get sick, I have to stop here / via manbruhpig


If you’re in the mood to lose several years of your life on the internet, I would wholeheartedly recommend checking out /r/PenmanshipPorn. It’s just too good.


Featured Image Via reddit