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‘Lord of the Rings’ Star Slams Upcoming Amazon Adaptation

John Rhys-Davies, who played Gimli in Peter Jackson’s trilogy, is not over-the-moon at the news of Amazon’s upcoming TV adaption of Tolkien’s Middle-earth. Amazon have planned a multi-season prequel to the trilogy, having recently struck a deal with the Tolkien estate, HarperCollins and Warner Bros.


He told Den of Geek that he suspected ‘poor Tolkien must be spinning in his grave’ at the news. The interview suggested the making of a Lord of the Rings TV show may be ‘futile,’ since Jackson’s trilogy was ‘perfect,’ to which Rhys-Davies responded: 


It’s not about doing it better, it’s about making more money that’s all. If they think they can make more money, then they will. Actually I’ve got a better idea for them, or for any company – Lord Of The Rings spun-off an awful lot of imitations about elves and dwarves and things like that and I would simply buy those up and put them together and make a wonderful elvish… there was a trilogy of books that were given to me the other day by a lady author, who’d written an account of the adventures of a dwarvish lady.



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That would make a far more interesting account of Tolkien’s words, in a world like that. And you know there are hundreds and hundreds of young writers, who have made their contributions and if I was a well-heeled film producer, that’s where I’d be looking, because that gives more actors more chances and it’s still a great tribute to Tolkien. It costs less to make and it would be original and fresh, but then what the hell do I know!?


Yikes. But he may have a point. Christopher Tolkien had, in his role as manager of his father’s estate, fiercely guarded the rights to Middle-earth, however, at age ninety-two, has retired from his role in August of this year, leaving room for companies such as Amazon to cash in on the franchise. As stated in our recent article on the subject, ‘HBO has Game of Thrones, Warner Bros. has Harry Potter, and Disney has Star Wars and Marvel and Pixar and a million other things. Amazon now has Lord of the Rings.’


The planned adaptation will be a multi-season prequel to The Fellowship of the Ring, and will apparently feature brand new material, and will leave room for a possible spin-off series, according to Digital Spy. 


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