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‘Lord of The Rings’ Gets the Rodent Treatment in Amazing 4-Minute Remake Featuring Mice

Lord Of The Rings is one of those timeless classic sagas that will probably always be remembered and always re-adapted as time goes on. Tolkien’s magnum opus has captured the hearts of millions over and over again. Although the author died very long ago, he still manages to garner more fans and even release new books all together. While fans wait for our next juiciest tale of fantasy and adventure to come out on the screen, there is one Tolkien inspired adaptation that EVERYONE must check out.




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Imagine the story of The Lord Of The Rings. Now, change up the story so it’s set in New York City subway. Then make the characters the animal denizens of such a setting. Boom, now you have the perfect Tolkien adaptation. Take a look!





The story as been altered only a bit, but the main essentials of Tolkien’s epic storytelling are still there. Although the short film made by CGMeetup is only four minutes or so long, the way in which they did it makes the video seem much longer. Am I the only one who craves more mouse Tolkien? Fuck it, lets have everything re-done with mice!




EVERYTHING MUST BE REDONE! | Image via Comic Art Fans


Many fans love the short film, but Amazon’s production of a new Lord Of The Rings series has the masses waiting. The series was announced last November, and while many working on the project are hoping to finish working on it sooner, the expected release is due for 2021. For everything Tolkien, be sure to check back for the latest book news here at Bookstr.



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