Jake Gyllenhaal and Batman

Looks Like Jake Gyllenhaal Might Replace Ben Affleck as Batman

Justice League’s been, um, making news. First with Zack Snyder dropping from the project and Joss Whedon coming in for reshoots, then CGI’ing out Superman’s mustache, then Rotten Tomatoes withholding the Tomatometer score (which is, currently, a measly 38%). And now it seems like Batman star Ben Affleck is already prepared to hang up the cowl.


According to Collider’s John Campea, Ben Affleck is 100% out as Batman after Justice League. This isn’t really surprising, considering Affleck said just this week during the Justice League’s press tour that he would like a “graceful and cool” exit from the role.


That won’t be the end of Batman on screen, though, because War for the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves has a new Batman movie on the pipeline. Campea’s source also revealed who Reeves is eyeing for the role of Bruce Wayne in that movie: Jake Gyllenhaal.



Image Via Warner Bros.


Campea made it clear that Gyllenhaal is far from a done deal, but his source says he is definitely in talks to takeover from Affleck. I have not and, do not plan on, seeing Justice League, but perhaps it ends in a way that will make sense for a new actor to take over Affleck’s role (comic books do tend to mess with multiple universes). Maybe this universe’s Batman looks like Ben Affleck, but our neighbor universe looks like Jake Gyllenhaal. That’s movie logic.


Gyllenhaal has been on a hot streak lately, starring in this year’s stellar Okja and Stronger, the latter of which he may receive some Oscar buzz for. If you ask me, so long, Affleck, and hello, Gyllenhaal.




Feature Image Via New York Times and DC Comics