London’s Harry Potter-Themed Pop-Up Bar is Opening in NYC

Magic really happens, in the city!


This is a common phrase I used when something unexpectedly, good and bad, takes place in New York City, and I know lots of my friends say that too. But now, this is literally meaning something enchanted is around us! As the following posts from newyork_instagram and nybucketlist show:






Wait, what? The stone streets of the financial district are becoming Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter world? Oh yeah, you may have already known that there’s a Harry Potter pop-up bar, The Cauldron, in London, where you can enjoy making your own magical drinks with robes swaying and wands pointing. But now, this bar  apparated to the New York City on September 13th, with its special service The Cauldron Magical Cocktail Experience!




Image via thehmcnetwork


Once you get into the bar, you will have your Hogwarts robe and wand, by which you can cast spells to conjure up bottles of beer! Also, with this magical wand, you may change the colors, smoke, or even bubbles of your cocktails. Wow! As the Cauldron manager David Duckworth said, “The potions behave in different ways according to what you put in them and how you make them.”


Check the videos below and be ready for this fascinating sparkles!








Featured Image Via The Cauldron