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‘London Fields’ Fails at the Box Office and The Author Knows Why

Originally published in 1989, the mystery thriller London Fields was well received by critics, however its recent movie adaptation has not garnered much praise. but it did not hold up on the big screen. The film has record breaking low numbers of the decade since the release last week!  With the budget of $8 million, the film only made about $160,000  at the box office…And it doesn’t help that Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 0% rating. 




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London Fields follows a women named Nicola Six who plots her own murder, and plans to make sure the murderer is one of the men she is having a love affair with. Her future murderers could be Guy Finch, the wealthy romantic, Keith Talent, the low-life criminal and Samson Young, the writer. The plot of this book sounds pretty good, and like it would make a great film, especially since Hollywood likes to produce features starring femme fatales like Gone Girl, Basic Instinct and Nikita, just to name a few. So why isn’t London Fields doing well in the box office?


In a recent interview with The Guardian, Martin Amis admitted: 


I never thought it would be a popular film. The film is rather confusing as it opens, and it could’ve done with a lot more clarity in its first half or so. That’s all I can say. I mean, I never thought it would be a popular film.


The Times notes some particularly harsh criticisms of the film, such as “aggressively awful,” and “quite simply horrendous.” One critic concluded that it is “a boring and garish mess that even fans of the book will find nearly impossible to follow.”






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With that being said, there are many things that can go wrong with adapting a book to the big screen. No one knew it would be this bad, but by all accounts, the book is much better



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