London Debuts Short Story Vending Machines!

Sometimes a great story can make your commute even better. But not everyone can carry a book or Kindle around to read. Now, there is a solution for that.

Canary Wharf will instal vending machines that will dispense one, three and five minute short stories. The machines will be developed by Short Edition, which has already installed several machines in Hong Kong and the USA.

The machines will feature works from authors like Virginia Woolf and Lewis Carroll. The debut machines will feature new works from Anthony Horowitz. According to Horowitz, it took him more than three days to write the new story.


It was the challenge of writing a story that could be read between two stations – not just a short story but a very short story,” he said. “Because I love mystery and whodunnits, the question of if it would it be possible to write a proper whodunnit with a solution which made you smile in such a short amount of space was irresistible. The whole notion amused me.”


Canary Wharf was compelled to install the machines after research revealed that so many commuters didn’t have time to read books.


Do you hope to see one of these machines on your travel commute?



Featured Image Via The Verge