London Bookstores Eliminate Distractions: No Wi-Fi!

Bookstores in London are doing something revolutionary. They are challenging everything we know and have come to love. Some may even call them dangerous. What exactly did this band of bookstore-hooligans do? They decided to no longer allow phones or coffee in their bookstores. Blasphemy, I know.

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All jokes aside this is a pretty unique idea. In a time where everything is becoming connected via the internet, these bookstores are refusing to conform. Their plan to engage costumers in book may just work because the nature of reading requires a calm, quiet place to focus. Our homes no longer fit that description. Having access to our phone and the internet creates a perpetual state of temptation towards distraction.

There are tons of amazing things that are happening because of advancements in technology. But we must admit that our addictions to technology and the internet are reducing our attention spans and even, as the Huffington Post claims, is making us dumber.

One of the most famous bookstores that are combating the effect of constant technological connection is Libreria Books in London. Owner Rohan Silva previously worked as a policy adviser for former Prime Minister David Cameron. Silva’s reason for banning phones is because of “the repetitive, grating ring tones of smart phones disrupting the tranquility of his bookshop experience.”

Many other London based book stores are joining the movement. The basic idea is that you can have access to technology all day, every day no matter where you go, so why not have one place where you can’t take your phone?

So far, these no-tech libraries have been doing well. Silva reported that he received double the amount of customers he expected when first opening the store. The ultimate test is to see whether people are actually going to support these books stores. So far they are passing with flying colors. Hopefully more bookstores will begin to experiment with this idea in America. Until then, you can still check your e-mails while thumbing through the latest best seller, listening to music and maintaining your social media presence. 

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