London Auctions off Incredibly Rare Book

A London library of scientific literature is auctioning off one of the most groundbreaking books in human history. The book is De Libris Revolutionum Eruditissimi Viridoctoris, and it was written by a man named Georg Joachim Rheticus, in 1540. You may not have heard of Rheticus, but you’ve probably heard of his mentor and professor: Nicolas Copernicus.

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Rheticus was Copernicus’s only student. The revolutionary renaissance mathematician and scientist encouraged Rheticus to publish the then only written work positing his theory of heliocentricity: the idea that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and not vice versa. 

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Much like the discoveries of Galileo and Charles Darwin, this theory gave a lot of grief to the Roman Catholic Church, whose theology was largely predicated on mankind being at the center of God’s interest and the universe. 

The book is being auctioned off on July 13th by a prominent library called the Scientific Library of Giancarlo Beltrame, which houses a number of significant scientific texts. If you live in the United States, and have a million bucks to spare for some reason, you’re in luck. Due to Brexit, the book will sell for much cheaper in America.  

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