Loki: God of Mischief and Confirmed As Gender-fluid

In honor of ‘Loki’ Day and Pride Month, let’s celebrate the confirmation of the God of Mischief being gender-fluid by highlighting the iconic Lady Loki.

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Happy Pride and Happy Loki Day my fellow bookworms! From Pride to the premiere of Disney+’s highly anticipated original show Loki and amazing temperatures; it’s clear June understood the assignment. While many Marvel fans like myself, are barely containing their excitement for Loki; fans unfamiliar with the comics are unaware that one of Marvel’s coolest villains is actually gender-fluid! In honor of Loki Day and Pride Month, let’s celebrate the confirmation of the God of Mischief being gender-fluid by highlighting the iconic Lady Loki.



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Longtime Marvel comic readers shouldn’t be alarmed by the latest confirmation; in the comics Loki is queer, the beloved shape-shifting God of Mischief is confirmed as gender-fluid. It’s canon, sorry not sorry. However, what’s “new” is that fans of Marvel are now starting to see glimmers of this side of a fan favorite character in the MCU. In Marvel’s latest teaser for the character’s upcoming self-titled show, it subtly showed a close-up of the TVA (Time Variance Authority) paperwork that Loki submitted, which indicated that his sex is “fluid.” Loki whose iconic shape-shifting have laid the foundation for a number of different Loki incarnations have been featured in the comics, including Lady Loki. How could you not stan?



You don’t have to look far, to find moments where Loki’s gender fluidity is highlighted in Marvel comics. In 2014’s Original Sin Vol 1 #2, Loki and Thor arrive to a female-run society, Thor tells Loki that “these are fair maidens,” to which Loki responds with, “So am I, sometimes.” Loki later takes on the form of a female in that issue and is referred to with she/her pronouns. In Marvel’s Loki: Agent of Asgard Odin refers to Loki as “my son, and my daughter, and my child who is both”, Odin making clear that his love for his child will never change. Don’t mind me I’m just casually sobbing. Additionally, Al Ewing, who wrote the comic, explained that Loki is a bisexual character. Drawing from Loki’s queer origins within Norse mythology, Ewing wanted to ensure that a key part of the character’s story wasn’t being ignored.



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Since Lady Loki is Loki, her personality is no different than the villain we’ve all come to love. Heroism, villainy, mischief, wit, manipulation and of course impeccable style are reoccurring factors for this character. We’ll have to wait and see how Lady Loki will impact the show; perhaps we’ll see various versions of Lokis battling it out or something more simple like Loki’s pronouns changing. Although Loki goes by he/him pronouns in the MCU perhaps it’ll change to they/them in the future. Of course I’m excited for Loki, but I’m truly excited about the community this character represents accessing representation that’s long overdue; and ultimately the future of one of my favorite characters within the MCU. So grab your Loki-themed Lucky Charms and let’s celebrate Loki Day by doing what we do best: binge-watching. Happy Pride and happy watching!


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