‘Loki’ Episode 3 Explained

We have a Loki and Loki adventure for this one folks; Loki episode 3 explained.

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We have a Loki and Loki adventure for this one folks! The third episode, “Lamentis”, picks up after last week’s reveal of Lady Loki and our Loki leaping into the portal after her. The two wind up back at the TVA headquarters. Lady Loki (or Sylvie as we come to know her as) fights her way to the center of TVA with Loki hot on her heels. The two fight and threaten to end each other when Loki teleports them to a moon in 2077 on the brink of extinction. A planet is due to crash into the moon and since the battery is low on the Temppad, the two are stuck. Welp.





They travel to find a power source to power the pad and discover a train that would get them to an arch that potentially has enough power to get them anywhere but a moon about to be destroyed. Since no one survives, they think it’s the perfect plan. The two trick their way onto the train filled with the rich and try to lay low. We get know a little bit more about Lady Loki like the fact that she knew earlier than our Loki that she was adopted and barely remembered her mother.

Loki, surprisingly, opens up to her about his mom and how he got his magical skills from her while Sylvie taught herself her Enchantment ability. The two also debate about love, what it truly is and what it means. They both also come out at bisexual, which is everything! Soon after, Sylvie dozes off, but is awoken due Loki’s drunk singing and the other patrons in the bar car singing right along with him. Needless to say this ends their trip rather quickly with the guards of the train literally throwing Loki off and Sylvie going after him.





Due to his heavy landing, the temppad is broken beyond repair and they have to come to terms with the possibility of dying, like actually. In the last third of the episode, they have to decide whether to risk disturbing the timeline by hijacking the arch so that they could survive. Unfortunately, due to the constant debris coming from the planet, a massive piece of fallout destroys the arch and strands them there. And that’s how the episode ends!

Obviously they aren’t going to kill off their main character, so my theory is that the TVA will track them down and take them back into custody. But how Loki will dig himself out of this hole he has dug is unknown.

The big reveal, however, is that all the people who work for the TVA are variants and don’t even know it. Loki was lead to believe that they were created specifically to be time keepers, but now that we know that they are just regular people, that can open up the series for a whole new focus and why the TVA might actually be the bad guys.

We only have three episodes of Loki left and it’s going by way too fast or me.




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