‘Loki’ Episode 1 and 2 Explained

THE TIME HAS COME!! The new Marvel Loki show has hit Disney + and we have to talk about it.

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THE TIME HAS COME!! The new Marvel Loki show has hit Disney + and we have to talk about it. This is your spoiler warning, people. We will be getting into both episodes in their entirety.

Has everyone who doesn’t want spoilers left? GOOD.





Episode 1: Glorious Purpose

Tom Hiddleston is back looking extra gorgeous as the God of Mischief as we pick up with this Loki where we last saw him. Back in 2012, where the Avengers’ time heist doesn’t exactly go as planned, Loki escaped with the Tesseract. He wound up in a desert in Mongolia. Ready to continue his escape, he is stopped by the TVA, the Time Variance Authority. We are introduced to Wunmi Mosaku’s (Lovecraft Country), agent, Hunter B-15, who swiftly takes the God into custody.

He is then taken to the TVA headquarters where he has to be processed. Cue a hilarious sequence of events where he is rather shocked that he is stripped of his Asgardian leather, has to sign a huge stack of papers to confirm everything he has ever said, and has to go through a machine to verify if he’s a robot or not. He and another Variant are put into a cue and told to take a ticket, the first man was difficult and an unknown basically erased him so Loki was very happy he took a ticket.

But more importantly, we learn a lot about the TVA, thanks to Miss Minutes, the TVA mascot voiced by Tara Strong (the icon herself who you may know has Timmy Turner, Bubbles, Raven, Twilight Sparkle, and literally any other cartoon ever). Miss Minutes explained that the creation of the TVA was to protect the sacred timeline and Variants like Loki, people who leave their set timelines do not fit into that plan. Oops.





He is put on trial where we meet Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s (Belle) Ravonna Renslayer who is judging Loki. He still has no idea what is going on while she questions whether he is guilty. He obviously says no, but she rules that he is guilty anyway given his crimes. He is about to be taken away when Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius stops them.

We’ve seen Mobius on call at different points in time on the tail of a Variant who is killing off TVA task forces. He believes that Loki can help them catch them. So he takes Loki to his office and tries to get to the root of his issues. He asks why does what he does and if he enjoys hurting people. It’s revealed to Loki that he isn’t the main character, which, I mean, ouch. His purpose was to cause pain and suffering and was meant to die.

Mobius shows the God his file and he is shocked to say the least. He sees the death of his mother that he caused. He eventually gets loose and tries to get the Tesseract back and it turns out that the Infinity Stones are useless. A worker we meet had a drawer full of them and some people in the office use them as paperweights. This sends Loki reeling as he realizes that nothing outside of the TVA truly matters. The TVA is a power that Loki has never encountered before. Once he goes back to the office he finishes the file of his whole life, his mother’s death, Ragnarok, and his death at the hands of Thanos.

Mobius comes back and two broker a deal in which Loki will help stop the Variant, which happens to be another him.


Episode 2: The Variant 

We jump into this episode with the God of Mischief at a cubicle of all things! He’s getting a lesson from Miss Minutes. Mobius grabs him for his first TVA mission while everyone else wears official attire, he’s stuck with a jacket that says Variant across the back. They go on a mission at a renaissance fair where a TVA task force was killed and a singular agent was taken hostage.

Some Loki BS later, they go back to the TVA to regroup. Mobius tasks Loki to actually work like his life depends on it, because it does. Renslayer is not above deleting him. Mobius gives him one last chance and, while looking through some files, he came up with the theory that the Variant is hiding in timelines at specific natural disaster events. Events that no one was behind and were intended to happen so no branching timeline would be created, alerting the TVA to their whereabouts.

He ruined Mobius’ salad trying to explain his theory but the agent believes him. They test out their theory in the best place possible, Pompeii. Where Loki happily pronounces that the volcano was about to erupt and they were all going to die.






The theory proved true and to find the Variant they cross-reference a natural disaster with no survivors and the candy Mobius found that the Variant gave to a kid. It turns out that that the “lesser” Loki (according to our Loki) is hiding in Alabama in 2055. At an electronic store, we see the other Loki’s power as they take over different people and making them fight our Loki. The Variant placed reset charges all over the store and caused them to branch into different timelines causing the TVA massive panic. And finally we see our new Loki and she’s a blond baddie played by British actress, Sophia Di Martino.

Since Loki was announced to be gender fluid was a huge win for LGBTQ+ representation in the MCU, but since this is just another version of Loki and not the Loki we know changing his form to be more female-presenting, I’m a wee bit disappointed. But who knows? Maybe we’ll get that one day. But it’s really cool that we have female Loki in the MCEU.

She escapes into a TVA portal door and Loki follows her, then the credits roll. As of now, I can tell that it’s going to bit of a slow burn like the show’s older siblings WandaVision and Falcon and The Winter Soilder. I’m into it and excited to see where it goes!




That was a recap of episode 1+2 of Disney plus’ Loki.  Let us know what you think!


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