Live Action ‘Mulan’ is Coming to Disney Plus!

The live action Mulan film has been going around and around in circles since the pandemic hit. The  release date for the film keeps getting the push back, and yet again there is a new date.

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The live-action Mulan film has been going around and around in circles since the pandemic hit. The release date for the film keeps getting pushed back, and yet again, there is a new date. However, instead of being released in theaters, it will be streaming on Disney Plus! But, there is a catch.

Image via RadioTimes
The film will be available on the streaming service on September 4th, BUT in order to watch it, you have to pay $30. Yes, the $30 will be on top of the monthly charge of $6.99 for the service. According to Disney CEO Bob Chepek, the countries that don’t get Disney Plus will release the film on the same date. Fingers crossed this is the last and final date. It’s already been pushed back three times, the fourth time has to be the charm. The original release was scheduled for March 27th, then the pandemic started so it was pushed to July 24th, then again to August 21st and now September 4th. Since it will be available to stream and not released in theaters, there is hope!
Will the film do well on Disney Plus? The future can only tell, considering the price people have to pay to watch it. I mean Hamilton was a hit, but people only had to pay for the monthly subscription, no extra price. Right now, you can stream the animated version of the film and the animated sequel for the subscription price. The live-action must be out of this world, and if it stays true to the original then it should do well. Personally, I can’t wait to see the scene when Mulan, portrayed by Liu Yifei, sings Reflection. That’s one of the best scenes in the whole movie!
Congrats to the film for finally getting a release date! Be sure to mark your calendars for September 4th.
Featured Image via SlashGear