Little Fires Everywhere Finally Has A Release Date!

Little Fires Everywhere is coming to Hulu on March 18! The bestselling novel of the same name, written by Celeste Ng, was picked up as a series by Reese Witherspoon’s production company, Hello Sunshine. Witherspoon will also be staring in the series alongside Kerry Washington.


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The novel takes place in a fictional town called Shaker Heights, a progressive suburb of Cleveland. Elena Richardson, who will be portrayed by Witherspoon, tries her best to uphold the perfect town, perfect house, perfect life facade and plays by the rules. Then Mia, an eccentric artist who will be portrayed by Washington, comes into town with her daughter, Pearl. Mia rents a house from Elena, which sparks a friendship between their teenage daughters. All four of Elena’s children are drawn to the interesting Mia and Pearl, and of course Mia has a secret and a past she is running away from. Then, a friend of the Richardson family attempts to adopt a Chinese American Baby, which splits the community in half during the custody battle. Of course the Mia and Elena are on opposite sides, and that motivates Elena to find out why Mia came to their town, but her snooping and obsession to learn the truth will end in disastrous results for her family and Mia’s.



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According to Witherspoon, her production company have been looking for a project to do with Washington for a long time and when she read the book, she knew Washington would be great for the part of Mia. Washington, also states, that the story is about race, but it’s a different approach to it, it’s not the binary idea of it. It definitely brings an enrichment to the story and how it’s told on screen.

Before the limited series hits Hulu, you can read the book, right here.



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