#LiterarySwag: Brooklyn’s Hottest Book Club

Yahdon Israel ushered #LiterarySwag into Instagram vernacular when he founded a niche book club in Boerum Hill by the same name. Literaryswag operates out of The Brooklyn Circus, a heritage clothing boutique, and pushes members to make reading and talking about books as stylish as the clothes they wear.


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Israel founded the club in part to merge fashion and literature so members could be inspired to dress as well as they read, and vice versa. He partnered with The Strand in 2015 to start building his counter-club, which today boasts more than 500 followers on Facebook.

Israel’s website offers written summaries and videos of past discussions, so viewers ranging from prospective members to those who missed a meeting can sample the club’s electrifying atmosphere from afar. Pictures from meetings show a crowded, but cozy, roomful of neighbors.

Now, Israel has an MFA in creative writing and is an editorial director at Northside Media, which owns Brooklyn Magazine. Israel’s busy schedule never interferes with his instinct to pick out threads of ideas and conversations to use in his next book club meeting.


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Literaryswag meets every last Wednesday of the month and extends invitations to those who have never been in a book club or who have never had to finish a book on a deadline. Subscriptions start at $25 a month and and the package includes the book of the month and access to exclusive events with writers and speakers.

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Featured Image Via The New York Times.