Literary Obituaries Pay Tribute To Our Fave Characters

Here lies some of our favorite characters from literature. They were the reason we kept turning the pages, keeping us up late so that we could read what happens next. They made us laugh, cry, and possibly throw our books across the room if the plot didn’t go the way we wanted it to. 

We know that the death of a character is fictional, but they feel so real! To commemorate those we’ve lost, we’ve written up several “lit obits” in their memory.


West Egg, NY — Jay Gatsby




Originally born as James Gatz, son of the farmer Henry Gatz, he left his home in North Dakota at a very young age to make his fortune in selling liquor during the Prohibition, since organized crime is truly the American Dream. He was a pillar of the community’s social scene, throwing the most over the top shindigs that would make the Met Ball look like a kid’s birthday party. He leaves behind a massive estate, unrequited romance, and an old sport.


Hogwarts, Scotland — Dobby




Dobby, age unknown, died soon after a fatal injury caused by Bellatrix Lestrange’s knife. Many knew and loved Dobby for his helpful nature and loyalty to his friends. You couldn’t miss him, as he was always announcing himself in the third person. He was a class act all the way to the end, as he died so bravely. In the gardens of Shell Cottage is where you’ll find the headstone of the grave “Here lies Dobby, a free elf.” He doesn’t leave behind much other than his most prized possession: a single sock.


Indianapolis, IN — Augustus Waters




Like putting an unlit cigarette in his mouth, Augustus Waters was deep. Like, ocean deep. Not only that, he also loved deeply too; enough to use his final days to make his girlfriend Hazel’s dream come true. His final adventure in Amsterdam will forever be one of the most romantic things we’ve ever read, it’s too bad our tears smudged those pages.


Capitol City, Panem — Rue




Okay, actually, we’re really mad about this. Rue did not deserve to die! Our hearts are broken as we pay our tribute to the demise of Rue, who was Katniss Everdeen’s companion in the first round of the Hunger Games. She was too innocent for this world, and deserved much better than the dystopian nightmare she had to live in. She leaves behind a legion of sad and angry fans who feel the same way we do.


New England, USA — Beth March


beth march


It is with deep sorrow that we mourn the death of Beth March, the beloved daughter of Robert and Margaret March. Beth was much loved by her sisters, her mother, and even Joey Tribbiani from FriendsShe was known for being a ray of light for her family, and really liking cheese. Don’t we all? We were sad to see her go, and she will always be remembered for being the coolest March.




Featured image courtesy of Columbia Pictures