Literary Inspired Signs from the Women’s March

Saturday, all over the world, women marched. It’s estimated, according to The Week, that 1 in 100 Americans marched on Saturday and at least 3 million people around the world. That’s an incredible statistic! To be in the crowd was inspirational, hearing people of all backgrounds cheering, yelling, and marching for a cause made me feel like I wasn’t alone. A sea of signs were carried triumphantly through the crowds and some stood out more than others. They were colorful, expressive, clever, and to the point.

Here are some literary inspired signs that were in the crowds all over the world:

1) “Harry would be dead without Hermione”


2) “We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.” – Albus Dumbledore

Image courtesy of WestWord


3) Not a sign, but look! It’s Margaret Atwood!


4) A powerful quote from Audre Lorde 

Image courtesy of The Huffington Post 


5) This take on a Mary Poppins phrase

 Image courtesy of The Huffington Post 


6) A new take on a Dr. Seuss classic 

 Image courtesy of The Huffington Post



Featured image courtesy of The Huffington Post