Literary Families We’d Love to Go On a Vacation With

Do you dream of going on vacation with your favorite literary family? So do we! Read on to find out which literary families the Bookstr team is dying to vacation with!

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As winter drags on with short days, cool temperatures, and occasional (read: terrible) snow storms, it is hard not to start dreaming of sunny beaches and poolside book sessions. Most of us would go on vacation with our own family, but what if we could ditch all of them and go on an epic vacation with our favorite literary family instead? That sounds pretty fabulous, so we asked our Bookstr team which literary family they’d want to go on vacation with! 

The Inner Circle, A Court of Thornes and Roses Series by Sarah J. Maas

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This one is more a found family than a blood family. Each member contributes something different, but the overall dynamic is happy, carefree, and fun when it’s just them. I would love to spend a summer vacation on the beach playing volleyball or football with the Bat Boys and drinking some delicious daiquiris with the ladies. This would be one epic family vacation!

  • Kristi Eskew, Editorial

The Delaney Family, Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty

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I had to choose this family since their lives center on Australian tennis, and we tennis lovers just had the Australian Open in Melbourne in January! I would kill to go hang out with the Delaneys for two weeks during one of the Grand Slam tournaments. The whole family is such a mess, but when competition is concerned, this literary family is my kind of people. I would love hanging out in their backyard tennis courts playing all day in the Australian summer heat (if only to escape East Coast winters, blegh!) and then going to see my favorite tennis players play their matches. Then fight with the whole Delaney family about who should be winning the tournament! That would be my dream vacation!

  • Callie Elliston Smith, Editorial

The Weasley Family, Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

Drawing of a boy with glasses and a lightning bolt scar on his forehead flying on a broomstick between arches.

With a large family like the Weasleys, I think a vacation would be incredibly fun! There are so many of them that time spent around them would never be dull. They all have different thoughts, energies, and ways of doing things, but they all have amazingly big hearts. Seeing how they all stuck together in the books and helped Harry and Hermione without hesitation, that’s a family I’d like to be around. The Weasleys actually remind me of my family — which is big, and they all have even bigger hearts. But the Weasleys have one thing my family doesn’t have: magic! This is a proud magical family. Yet they don’t try to make themselves seem superior. But I know twins, Fred (when he was alive) and George would make sure to bring the element of magical humor and hijinks to liven our vacay even more. The Weasleys may not have a lot as far as material items go, but what they do have is enough. And they’d certainly make sure the family is okay and still gets to make loads of fun memories on a nice family trip.

  • Quiarah B/Vphan, Editorial

Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson, and Grover Underwood, Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan

A lightning bolt, gladiator helmet, and trident sit in from of Mount Olympus high in the clouds.

These three would absolutely be so much fun to go on vacation with. Especially if we go to a tropical area or somewhere with a beach; I’d love to go surfing with Percy Jackson, and I’d love to chat with Annabeth about architecture. These three are just hilarious and so much fun, and it would make for an epic vacation if you ask me. Though we might be chased by monsters the entire time if the three of them are there together, that’s fine! As long as they’re there, I’ll manage to stay alive!

  • Alexandra Mellott, Editorial

Billie, Mary Alice, Helen, and Natalie, Killers of a Certain Age by Deanna Raybourn

A drawing of a woman's red hand with a pearl bracelet which is holding a knife.

I would love to go on vacation with these ladies! They’re a chosen family, but a family all the same. As former assassins, they have traveled all over the world for missions, so they definitely know the best vacation spots. Plus, now that they’re retired, they’re experts at leaning into relaxation and taking things slow. I can totally picture us lounging by the pool or tanning on the beach somewhere tropical with fruity cocktails in hand! No doubt, they’d know how to have a good time wherever we went. Cruises might be off the table, though…

  • Lauren Nee, Editorial 

Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Vines and small flowers and leaves cover a dark backdrop.

I would love to vacation with the March sisters. Growing up super close with my own sisters, vacations were always fun, loud, and chaotic in all the best ways. The different passions of each March sister would make for great experiences no matter where we travel. We would go to a local theater, opera, or anywhere with historical significance to the arts, truly absorbing the place’s culture. And to be honest, the March Sisters deserve a good vacation. 

  • Emma Jamrin, Editorial 

Alexander Cold, Nadia Santos, and Kate Cold, Memories of the Eagle and the Jaguar trilogy by Isabel Allende

Two girls run through a dark wooded space as a bird follows them from the air.

So, I would frankly be terrified to go on any trip with these three, but if I got to have main character immunity, I’d be down. This series follows Alexander Cold (the titular Jaguar) and his friend Nadia (the titular Eagle) as they travel with Alexander’s grandmother Kate, an environmental journalist. Kate is very eccentric (and tough!), but it’s the kids who are constantly getting caught up in some crazy detour. However, they’re the heroes of the franchise for a reason. Therefore, if it meant unearthing a city of prehistoric mythical creatures or saving a native tribe from genocide, I wouldn’t mind joining in on this gang’s adventures.

  • Gabriela Collazo, Editorial

The Cullen Family, Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Two very pale hands hold a bright red apple.

To be honest, the Cullen family might be a sour pick since they are all vampires, and I would probably stick out like a sore thumb! But there are a few reasons why I picked this family. For one, they definitely know the funkiest places to go for vacation since they are all hundreds of years old. I bet they have been around the world thousands of times, so I would let them plan out the entire trip, and I will just go along for the journey! Another thing is they seem to be quite the shy guys. I am not much of a talker, and I think our silent retreat is exactly what I am looking for. But my main reason is because of their hatred of the sun. I am not a sunny-loving kind of gal. I prefer cloudy days in the shade and calming rainfall over the hot sun any day. I know I could count on the Cullens to take us to shady destinations rather than the blistering heat! 

  • Erin Ewald, Editorial 

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