Listen to These ‘Harry Potter’ Ambient Sounds!

I’m sure we’ve all listened to ocean sounds or rain mixes to help us get to sleep, to relax, or just to focus. For me, they haven’t worked. But now, thanks to Ambient Mixer, Harry Potter ambient sounds have been made! Ambient Mixer has an entire section dedicated to movies from Harry Potter to Games of Thrones and even The Lord of the Rings

Image courtesy of Giphy 

From “Gryffindor Common Room” to the “Hogwarts Library”, and a “Storm on the Hogwarts Express”, each sound takes you to a specific location, whisking you into the magical world of Harry Potter. The sounds even have descriptions below them that allow you to truly imagine what it’s like. 

Take a listen on Ambient Mixer and you can even make your own! 

Honestly, I’m calmer already.


Featured image courtesy of Pottermore