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Listen to Stephen Kings’ Exclusive ‘Fright or Flight’ Story

If you’re already afraid of flying, Stephen King’s new anthology, Fright or Flight, may not be the best choice of book to bring with you on your next airplane journey!  Stephen King, the lord of all that is scary and lurks in the dark, has a story of his own included in the anthology, alongside the likes of Ray Bradbury, Roald Dahl, Dan Simmons and others. King’s story, entitled “The Turbulence  Expert” only appears on the audiobook of the anthology, and focuses on everything that could go wrong on when you’re flying high in the sky. The audiobook will feed the fear of flying and put listeners on edge as they become more and more paranoid about their flight.


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Many of the other stories included in the anthology are inspired by classic urban legends and other familiar elements. The stories will poke at your innermost fears of traveling, making you feel paranoid, scared and glued to your seat in the airport. Take your seats, buckle up and stock up on some refreshments because Flight or Fright will keep your attention for the whole flight. The audiobook is now available for purchase on Audible, hurry and snatch up your copy and live on the edge of danger as you hop on your flight.





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