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Oh, be still the beating hearts of MANY. Scott Eastwood and his dulcet tones are here just in time for the season of love, a.k.a Valentine’s day, a.k.a Why Won’t He Call Me Back Day. Whether you’re a lover or a cynic, what better way to mark the day than to read some fictional romance? Audible Escape, the go-to place for romance audiobooks, have released the first part of Laura Blakely’s P.S. It’s Always Been You and we are so excited!


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The series is an Audible Original and will be appearing in three installments on Audible Escape. P.S. It’s Always Been You: Part 1 is “a sweeping, second chance romance that weaves mystery, passion, and humor as two present-day lovers search for a love story from the past.” It’s got all the ingredients of a good love story, with Presley and Hunter reconnecting and showing us that past loves don’t always stay in the past.



The first part of the Original was released today, with Part 2 to follow on February 4th and Part 3 on February 11th. By February 14th, you’ll be more than ready for romance. Certainly when Scott Eastwood is involved. Eastwood is performing in each installment of the series, bringing Blakely’s story to life. You may recognize Scott from his appearance in Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams (and ours).


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Joining Scott on the exclusive track is Andi Arndt, winner of the Audie Award for Romance. Together, they take the listener on an unforgettable journey through Hunter and Presley’s romantic history (+ their present!)

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