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Lindy West’s New Adaptation Series Steers Away from Her Autobiography

Author Lindy West is getting her story out there in several different ways. Her 2016 somewhat autobiographical book Shrill was picked up by Hulu as a six-episode comedy series of the same name. However, the Seattle native wants fans to know that even though the main character is inspired by herself, it’s not really about her life at all. According to her interview with The Seattle Times, the differences only begin with the location.



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We wanted to shoot here and as we got started in that process it just seemed to make more sense to not have to shoot around Portland and use the natural beauty of Portland, the landscape and the vibe of Portland instead of trying to make it seem like it could be Seattle… Also, there are legal reasons if you’re adapting something from real life to make it less like real life, which is a relief for me because I am a real person who has to deal with her real family and real friends and real acquaintances.


We totally understand West’s desire to draw a line between where her life story ends and where Annie’s story begins. Yet West, a writer, feminist, and activist for women, still believes in the story’s message.


It’s a comedy about a fat woman who wants to build a better, more dynamic life for herself without losing weight, which is just not a path that’s presented to people… What we tell women, if you want to have a good life, you have to achieve a specific body and she’s coming to this point of frustration where she’s rejected that idea and calling that bluff.


Lindy West

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Hulu has has a lot of hit shows lately and we have no doubt this one will be just as good! Shrill debuts on the streaming service next spring.



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