Lindsay Lohan Sued Over Memoir Debacle

Mean Girls Star Lindsay Lohan is in the midst of a publishing scandal. Back in 2014, she signed a contract to write a tell all book based on a journal she kept from her past. With the contract came a $356,000 advance for the book, to be published by March of 2015. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.


The deal was made through Lohan’s company, Crossheart Productions, with HarperCollins Publishing House. When the book wasn’t produced in time, she was given an additional two years to complete the book. The new date was March 2017, but again no book was written. So, that left HarperCollins with no choice but to file a lawsuit against Lohan for the $356K advance.

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Lohan has a shaky past, and she during her docu-series with OWN, she mentioned she would write a tell all book, but what happened? Did she not want the world to know the secrets behind the tabloids? Does she want to keep her private life private? It’s understandable, but why mention a book and then not deliver it?
Back in 2018 Lohan and her company were given a warning about the lawsuit. However, Lohan never held up her end of the bargain, and didn’t  pay the money back, and now HarperCollins is officially suing the actress. It’s a shame that it had to come this, because a memoir written by Lohan would sell extremely well, and as a fan of her movies I would love to get my hands on it. As of now, though, it seems like that’s only a dream.
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