Lin Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt set to star in ‘Mary Poppins’ Sequel

Details have slowly emerged regarding the upcoming Mary Poppins sequel, now titled, Mary Poppins Returns. Arriving on the heels of his broadway smash hit Hamilton, renaissance man Lin-Manuel Miranda is set to take the role of Jack. Jack is a new character who helps Mary Poppins console the now-grown children, who are reeling from a personal loss.  The story takes place some years after the first film, in Depression Era London. 


Image courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

Miranda will share the screen with British powerhouse Emily Blunt, who will play the eponymous nanny. We know Blunt is up for the task, as she showcased her vocal talent and broad range in the 2014 film adaptation of Into the Woods


Image courtesy of The Daily Beast

Miranda on the other hand, has just cemented his role as one of the most innovative artists of our time by writing, composing, and starring in Hamilton, the hit musical that has been praised fulsomely by critics and viewers alike for its revolutionary fusion of musical theater and hip-hop.

Die-hard fans are devastated that Miranda is scheduled to leave the production by July 9th to work on other projects. But maybe after a Pulitzer Prize, a Grammy, a record breaking 16 Tony Award nominations, a Macarthur Genius Award, a meeting with the president and scores of other politicians, a gig helping score the new Star Wars, a leading role in Les Mis, and the ongoing project of raising a son, Mr. Miranda need not feel too bad about taking on something a little more modest.  

The film is scheduled for release on Christmas Day of 2018.

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