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Like Father Like Son: Stephen King’s Son Joe Hill Takes the Spotlight

You may know of Joe Hill as the writer of the hit series Locke & Key, or the upcoming four-in-one novel Strange Weather. If you just know him by name, though, you probably didn’t realize he’s Stephen King’s son. That’s the way he wants it.


While promoting Strange Weather, Hill has given some insight into how he’s made a writing career in the shadow of his father. It’s all in the name for Hill. Born Joe King (not joking), he changed his name to Joe Hill because he wanted to find writing success on his own. He wanted to make sure his stories would be published “for the right reasons—because someone liked it, not because someone liked my dad.”


Strange Weather

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He had his first break as Joe Hill. He maintained the secrecy with editors and agents. He’s basically the Jason Bourne of writers. His debut novel Heart-Shaped Box was released in 2007, his true identity unbeknownst to many.


It’s not as if King had no presence in Hill’s writing career, though. In the time Hill spent trying to catch his break as a writer, he was married and had two small children. Regarding this, Hill said, “I did for several years in my twenties essentially live off the largesse of my parents while I tried to write.”


Even though he didn’t want to piggyback off his dad’s success, Hill did enjoy some of those Stephen King perks. But he’s established himself as an important storyteller in 2017, having spent much of this year penning scripts for a potential Hulu series based on his comics Locke & Key. The story follows three siblings who move into a spooky mansion that discover there’s more to their new home than they initially believed. It has magic and superpowers and, I swear, locks and keys. It’s kind of A Series of Unfortunate Events meets X-Men meets, I don’t know, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe? All good things.


The pilot of Locke & Key will be directed by IT-helmer Andy Muschietti. I guess Muschietti made a good impression on King, so he’s been passed along to his son. That’s another one of those King perks one of us non-King descendants don’t enjoy. Still, looking forward to Locke & Key. Strange Weather sounds pretty great too. You can order it here!


Feature Image Via The New York Times