Librarian Preaches: ‘Make America Read Again’

Ideological tension is sky high in America right now, and this week’s RNC was no exception. It seems like everyone’s got an axe to grind at these political conventions, but local librarian Jonathan Harris, just wants you to read. 

Image courtesy of Strandbooks

Harris swung down to the convention from his Tremont library with just one political aim: Make America Read Again. That was his slogan of choice; an obvious twist on the Republican nominee’s motto. But Harris wanted to make it very clear that he was not there to evangelize on behalf of any particular candidate. He’s not there handing out pamphlets or any kind of propaganda. Just plain ‘ole books. 

In his own words: “It’s not like I’m here in support of anybody, but hey, a little reading can’t hurt anybody”. He also wanted to emphasize the earnestness of his enterprise, saying:

“And I can’t stress this enough, I’m on vacation right now. All views or opinions I have are my own and should not, in any way, be considered as the views or opinions of my employer. No taxpayer money was spent to provide the books I’m handing out.”

If Harris is there to affect any sort of change, it’s to get the public to value libraries more. On the subject, he says: “I’ve tried to make my pitch for what we do and how vital public funding for libraries is. The Tea Party crowd can say they love libraries, but they need to put their tax dollars where their mouths are.”

Featured image courtesy of Follownews