Let Us Convince You To Make ‘Red Rising’ Your Quarantine Read

Now, I can’t in good faith tell you to start a series on book two. BUT. I will say that opening up Volume 2 of ‘Sons of Ares’ may just be a catalyst for your new ‘Red Rising’ obsession.

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If you haven’t heard by now, fantasy king Pierce Brown released the second installment of his Sons of Ares graphic novel series. Now, I can’t in good faith tell you to start a series on book two. BUT. I will say that opening up Volume 2 of Sons of Ares may just be a catalyst for your new Red Rising obsession.

With everybody adjusting to life indoors, and no social outings to keep us busy, you have plenty of time to dive into Brown’s exciting space-bound series. Plus, with seven books and a multitude of characters and settings, there’s no better form of escapism!


Guys, I feel like I am a bit obsessed with Red Rising. : redrising

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How long would it take you to read the entire series, you ask? I’ve decided to find out for you. Bear with me, mathematics has never been considered a friend of mine.



If you were to read all seven books, you’d be facing a whopping (and approximate) 3,006 pages. The average person will read a page in two minutes. Now, this math wobbles slightly in the face of Sons of Ares being a graphic novel and not entirely words… but let’s disregard that momentarily.



So, you’re an average person, you’re reading a page every two minutes, you’re finishing ALL of the Red Rising series in…. 100.2 hours, or four days (and a little bit of the fourth night). Now, to be fair, that leaves absolutely no time for eating, sleeping, or breathing, so I take no responsibility for any army of unwashed, unrested, and starving new fans that will emerge as a result.


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I mentioned escapism above, and it’s truly something I think we have all been craving in this strange time. Curl up with your new obsession and escape into the exciting, brutal, mystical space of Pierce Brown’s infinite imagination. You can thank us later.

P.S. in case you wanted to kick start your collection, you can still enter our giveaway here. Good luck, and happy reading!


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