Leslie Jordan’s Book Of Comic Essays

Leslie Jordan is gifting the world a new book.

Leslie Jordan is known for his scene stealing performances from shows like Will & Grace and American Horror Story. With over five million followers on Instagram, it is clear that Jordans’ fan base is here to stay. What’s next for the actor? He is getting his own essay collection. How Y’all doing? is set to be released on May 4, 2021. The book will give fans the opportunity to fall in love with his stories in a whole new format.


Contained will be anecdotes, from the time Jordans’ mom got a phone call from Debbie Reynolds, to a story about the time when someone walked into the West Hollywood Starbucks and called Jordan a lot of names, which led to iced teas being thrown at the perpetrator. According to Leslie, “Here I am, 4-foot-11, and I’m the one who stood up and said ‘Not in my house!'”

Featured image via HarperCollins

Leslie’s writing process for the book is fun, but it can get lonely. He admitted that after writing his daily quota, he wants to have someone immediately read it. Unfortunately, no one wants to read it. They rather wait for the finished book. Jordan is grateful that due to the exploding Instagram success, he was able to get this book deal, and much more.


He recalled that during the COVID-19 quarantine, he was stuck in Tennessee at a bed and breakfast, and posted on Instagram twice a day for 80 days. Television producers had reached out to him, stating that writers get paid $250,000 for the content he was putting out on Instagram. Apart from the book deal, he was able to get a deal with the app Quibi.

“The funniest thing was that when I was in Tennessee, a friend of mine called and said, ‘Leslie, you’ve gone viral.’ I said, ‘No, honey, don’t worry about me, I’m fine.’ I thought he meant the Corona!”

He then looked and Instagram confirmed it: he had gone from zero to five million followers in only four months.

You can preorder your copy here.

Featured image via Entertainment Weekly.