‘Les Miserables’ Lands Miniseries Adaption

After the book, the musical, a handful of films and even a Japanese comic book spin-off, Les Miserables can now add a miniseries to its list of achievements. The story of misery and hope we all know so well will be adapted into a six part series, co-produced by BBC and Lookout Point. The project will be headed by Andrew Davies (psst he’s the one who wrote BBC and Lookout Point the adaption of War and Peace) with help from co-producers Bethan Jones, Harvey Weinstein, Faith Penhale and Simon Vaughan.

In a press release Davies shared his excitement for the latest instalment of Les Mis:

“’Les Miserables’ is a huge iconic title […] Most of us are familiar with the musical version which only offers a fragmentary outline of its story. I am thrilled to have the opportunity of doing real justice to Victor Hugo at last by adapting his masterpiece in a six hour version for the BBC, with the same team who made ‘War & Peace.’”

The release date has yet to be revealed but Weinstein has let out a few juicy hints at what’s to be expected. Rather than the thin narrative you might get in a play adaption, where the focus lands more heavily on the music, the miniseries aims to intensify Victor Hugo’s original story and lace it with a contemporary resonance, playing off what’s going on in the world today.

“I think the BBC and Weinstein Television collaborations are a new paradigm in the telling of classics – they’re modern and yet respectful,” Weinstein says in the press release. “And, with the exception of James Bond, nobody does it better than Andrew Davies.”

We can’t wait to see what they churn out! Stay tuned for more updates and Les Mis news.


Feautred image courtesy of Hofmag.