Leonardo DiCaprio to Produce New H.G. Wells ‘Time Machine’ Adaptation

H.G. Wells is a big name in literature, especially when discussing science-fiction. The author has had a number of his stories adapted and re-adapted through the decades, and for good reason; they fascinate, baffle, and enthrall us with their amazing themes, interesting devices and civilizations much more different or antagonistic to our simple human ways. Now, it’s just been announced that Wells’ novella The Time Machine is due for it’s own modern adaptation.




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This Wells story is about exactly what you think it is: a time traveling traveler traveling through time with a time machine. And as many would expect, not everything goes according to plan. But what audiences wouldn’t expect is just how much the Earth changes in Wells’ depiction of the future. 


The story goes off of Wells’ classic epic tale of a man with the time machine everybody wishes they had. However, instead of going into the past to right any of his wrongs, our hero here known only as the Time Traveler decides to embark to the far off future. As he discovers numerous races and descendants of humans and other species, he becomes enrolled in a dangerous adventure into the eventual oblivion and decay of the planet we currently cherish. Just be happy for the times we live in now!




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Along with Leonardo DiCaprio producing the project, IT director Andy Muschietti will be directing alongside his sister Barbara Muschietti. The project has only been announced and confirmed according to The Hollywood Reporter, so we haven’t heard of any release dates yet.




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