Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen’s Final Book Will Ignite a Flame in You

Leonard Cohen has always been a household name, especially for Canadians. His poems and lyrics could easily fill your headspace and stay there for a while. Haunting, beautiful, and human are some of the words that best describe all the work that made his career so successful.


Now, we have one more chance to feel this way all over again. 


Leonard Cohen

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It was recently announced by The New York Times that Cohen’s last and final book, The Flame, will be released in October of 2018. With collections of poems, journal writings, lyrics from his last three albums, and illustrations, we are sure this work will be just as cleansing as his previous releases.


From Beautiful Losers to Book of Longing to Let Us Compare Mythologies, Cohen’s writing has captured romantics and thinkers alike. The writer, singer, songwriter, and artist would’ve been 83 last month and his tribute concert will be airing next month with singers like Lana Del Rey and Sting honoring the legendary poet. A voice gone but never forgotten.


Got time to wait a year? For Leonard Cohen, it’s worth it.


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