Lemony Snicket is Starting a Poetry Prize

Under the pseudonym, Lemony Snicket, Daniel Handler wrote A Series of Unfortunate Events. Under his actual name, he has written about 9 other books that aren’t necessarily in the same vein as Unfortunate Events. Now, we all know that the Unfortunate series, which is great by the way (!!), was turned into a not so great movie in 2004. But with the upcoming success of the Netflix adaption, Handler has decided to give back. With the money earned from the production of the Netflix show, Handler has announced that he will start a small printing press.

The press, called Per Diem Press will publish one chapbook of poetry, which will be illustrated by Handler’s wife, Lisa Brown. Here’s where you come in…Handler will choose the best work of poetry and the winner will receive $1000 and a chance for their work to be published. 

Send your “eightish” pages of unpublished, English-language poetry here:

Per Diem Press
912 Cole St. #331
San Francisco, CA 94117


Featured image courtesy of Babelio