William Goldman

Legendary Screenwriter And Author William Goldman Has Passed Away

Legendary screenwriter, playwright, and novelist William Goldman passed away just last night. Deadline reports that his health was failing for some time, but he was surrounded by friends and family when he passed.


Goldman’s contributions to cinema were vast and spanned across many genres. The two time Oscar winner captured tension and suspense with All The President’s Men, while balancing laughs and adventure in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The acclaimed biopic Chaplin was among his accomplishments as well along with decades of other films and TV series.



Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid

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His influence knew no bounds. Goldman’s memoir Adventures In The Screen Trade guided waves of aspiring screenwriters through the chaos of the movie business and his services as a script doctor were in high demand. According to Variety, some of his uncredited shape ups included The Right Stuff, Indecent Proposal, and Good Will Hunting. He even worked on A Few Good Men while mentoring a still up and coming Aaron Sorkin.



The Princess Bride

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Goldman also adapted many of his own novels, giving us Magic, Marathon Man, and the beloved classic, The Princess Bride. The Princess Brides legacy even extended as far as readers demanding the fabled “reunion scene” between Westley and Buttercup that was never included in the original book. Goldman teased fans with a creative apology that described fictitious legal issues as the cause.



Goldman was treasured by many in the Hollywood community and an inspiration to many more. He was eighty-seven-years-old and leaves behind so many accomplishments on page and on screen.





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