Legendary Comic Artist for Both Marvel and DC Passes Away

In the legends of comics authors and artists, there is a woman that not many may have known. Marie Severin was a key component of many of our beloved heroes from both Marvel and DC; the fact that she was able to span her work through both of the comic giants is enough to call her a legend to some. But without her, many of our favorite heroes, scenes, issues, and even entire storylines, would never be the same. Her passing on Thursday this week marks the end of a true superhero, one that would guide us on many beautiful journeys through a multitude of landscapes and colors.




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Marie began her career at EC comics in 1949. She would start there as a colorist before branching out into illustration and penciling with Marvel in the 1950s. During her run with Marvel, she worked on huge characters such as Hulk and Daredevil. She is most vividly remembered, however, for helping in the creation of Spider-Woman; she also designed the character’s initial costume.



Marie also worked on DC and even helped more characters for Marvel’s rival comic publisher. But, even though she had continued to bolster both Marvel and DC with her captivating artistry, many do not recognize her name whenever a discussion of the “greats” of comics arises. Many people think of names like Steve Ditko, Stan Lee, or Jack Kirby when it comes to comic legends. In fact, Marie was often recognized by her own peers as being better than them!




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With her passing comes many people’s shared grief and nostalgia of this juggernaut of an artist. Many in the comic community have tweeted or otherwise given their words of respect for the deceased. Marie Severin was a hero to many, and her pictures continue to immerse us in all of the stories and worlds we love and know so dearly years after she even made them. Rest in peace Marie Severin. Here are a few tweets from her beloved co-workers and fans:












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