Leesa Cross-Smith’s New Novel ‘This Close to Okay’ is Released Today

Leesa Cross-Smith’s new novel “This Close to Okay” is being released today!

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Leesa Cross-Smith is an author from Kentucky who describes herself as a “homemaker, wife and mama” as well as a lover of Jesus and being peculiar. She is a PEN open book award nominee and has been a finalist for the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction and the Iowa Short Fiction Award. With all these award nominations, she has also been able to receive the Independent Publisher Book Award for Literary Fiction. Previously, she has had three books published, So We Can Glow, Whiskey and Ribbons, Every Kiss a Warand today she adds a fourth book to her collection with This Close to Okay.

The Close to Okay, Cross-Smith’s latest release, follows recently divorced therapist Tallie Clark and Emmett, a stranger she meets driving home as she sees him precariously standing on the side of a bridge and pulls over to talk to him. Tallie invites Emmett for a cup of coffee and eventually back to her house where they have an emotionally charged weekend with Tallie attempting to create a safe space for Emmett. However, Tallie fails to mention this is also her day job. Alternating between Tallie’s and Emmett’s point of view, we learn that they both have secrets and need some healing and as they get closer they discover truths about themselves they have been struggling with. This Close to Okay is a seemingly vibrant story from Cross-Smith, the writer Roxane Gay calls “a consummate storyteller.”

Cross-Smith has even given her novel a Goodreads review saying, “FIVE FLASHING GOLD STARS BC I THOUGHT IT, I SOLD IT, I WROTE IT, I LOVE IT. This is my second novel, my fourth book” in July of 2020.

There is much excitement surrounding the release of this book today so will you be picking it up? This one is definitely getting added to my TBR list!

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