Lee Child Delegates to Younger Brother

We can’t just say good-bye to beloved hero Jack Reacher. Author, Lee Child, thought about killing off Jack, but instead he is passing the series along to his younger brother. Child knows how much his readers love the series and are expecting a lot more books to come. The first book, Killing Floor, was published in 1997 and 23 books followed.


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Andrew Grant, who is already an author, will now write the Jack Reacher series under the pen name Andrew Child. Grant’s most recent novel was released just a couple of weeks ago, the second novel in his Paul McGrath series, Too Close to Home. Not only does Grant have to tackle actually writing the books but he must also live up to the legacy his brother is leaving him in continuing on the Jack Reacher series.

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According to Lee, he is aging out of the series and not able to produce anymore books. Lee describes his brother as a ‘tough guy’ writer, who has more energy and is full of more ideas. Even though they were raised under the same roof, Andrew is fifteen years younger and is best suited for the job now. However the next few novels will be written by both brothers and then Lee will officially be stepping back and passing the baton over to Andrew. According to Andrew, he’s been a fan of the books since the first one, so he understands what the readers want.

Lee has sold over 100 million copies of his books and now Amazon is looking to adapt the books to series. So, Andrew is going to do his best to give the fans what they want, and of course his big brother will be watching.



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