Latest ‘IT: Chapter 2’ Casting Hints at LGBT Storyline

The cast for IT: Chapter 2 just keeps growing, with Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Hader among the actors billed to portray the grown up Losers Club, and the latest casting decision has given rise to speculation that an LGBT storyline present in Stephen King’s novel may be included in the upcoming film. 


It has just been announced that actors Taylor Frey and Xavier Dolan will play Don Hagarty and Adrian Mellon, two characters who,in the books, are in a relationship and face serious homophobia in Derry, before meeting a tragic and untimely end, which prompts the Losers Club to assemble once more in order to fight the demon. 


Production on the sequel to 2017’s incredibly popular remake of IT, with cast members such as Jessica Chastain posting about it on social media. 




LOSERS Shoot Day 1 ✔

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