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Lady Voldemort, the Dark Lord Drag Queen, Is Here to Snatch Your Soul

2018 is truly a great year for Halloween content, and now as we are approaching the sacred day, the apex of the gay solar calendar, we have been truly blessed. 

San Francisco/Miami queen Florida Man (also known by her full name, Florida Elizabeth Man), who is known for her strange and bewildering incorporations of pop culture into her performances, has just gone viral for one of her “Lady Voldemort” performances.



Lady Voldemort is a character developed by Florida Man for what she describes (in an interview with Teen Vogue) as as a queer take on the Harry Potter universe:


Part of what I’m doing with Lady Voldemort is re-imagining a universe where the canon of Harry Potter is queerer and weirder, and I think that speaks to a lot of queer people and Harry Potter fans alike. It’s also just ridiculous.


"It has everything"

Via Tenor


The particular Lady Voldemort performance that has just gone viral comes with everything: burlesque, a reveal, a powerful lip sync, special effects (it’s a full-on multimedia event), and even an appearance from the Boy Who Lived himself.


However, I for one am a fan of a more stripped down performance, like, for instance, Lady Voldemort’s cover of “Shallow”:



Happy Halloween!


clip from Florida Man's performance

Image via Buzzfeed


Featured Image Via @flawdamaniac on Twitter.