Lady Gaga Pens Foreword for Father’s Cookbook

Joe Germanotta, father to Lady Gaga, nabbed a deal with Post Hill Press for his cookbook, Joanne Trattoria Cookbook: Classic Recipes and Scenes from an Italian American Restaurant. The book takes homemade recipes from Joe’s local NYC restaurant, Joanne Trattoria, named after his sister, who died of Lupus shortly before her 20th birthday. Given the homely, traditional nature of the recipes and the rooted memory of Joanne in the book, it only seems natural that Gaga – also massive foodie – write the foreword.

It is, however, a cautious step to wrap Gaga up in the book. Joe has taken pains to keep his restaurant separate from her fame in fear of it being swallowed up by celebrity status. He’s been careful to keep the restaurant a casual family venue, and steer clear of the name-association hype that can quickly alter the face of a restaurant: You won’t find any framed autographs or celebrity guest pictures here. Nonetheless, dishing out a Rolodex of family recipes requires a word from the family, and we’re glad to hear it will be coming from Mother Monster herself.

Meatballs from Joanne’s (image courtesy of Joanne NYC)

There’s no news yet regarding what Gaga will say although we can only assume it will be rich with praise for Joe and tummy-rubbing reflections on his cooking throughout her upbringing. The cook book, which in addition to recipes will also include family anecdotes and scenes from the restaurant, will be released November 22. Our sauce pans and spice cabinets are on stand-by.


Featured image courtesy of Billboard.