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‘LA Weekly’ Plays Scrooge and Fires Over Half Their Writers

You know what sucks? Not being paid for your hard work. You know what else sucks? LA Weekly recently obtained new ownership, and the new owners totally blow. They’ve fired their staff in favor of “unpaid contributors,” and things aren’t looking great for them.



Some might say that “all publicity is good publicity,” but this is definitely not good publicity. Semanal LLC, the mysterious company that formed last month in order to purchase the newspaper, closed their sale on Wednesday and promptly laid off nine of thirteen members of the editorial staff, shocking the industry. The secretive new owners have still not revealed their identity, and on Thursday, the Society of Professional Journalists condemned the company’s continued anonymity. 



“In an era of rampant misinformation and distrust, it’s especially important that we do not allow the owners and backers of news organizations to remain a mystery,” said Andrew Seaman, chairman of the Society of Professional Journalists’ Ethics Committee. “We cannot allow this to become the norm.”



Even more suspicious, LA Weekly posted a story on the site suggesting readers should question its new ownership.



Attempts to uncover information about Semanal LLC have returned very limited information. David Welch, a Southern California lawyer known for suing unlicensed cannabis dispensaries, is listed as the registered agent while Brian Calle, chief opinion writer for Southern California News Group will take over editorial management of the site, despite OC Weekly, LA Weekly‘s sister site, naming Calle one of “Orange County’s Scariest People of 2016”.


That’s not comforting.


Featured Image Via The Wrap.