Krysten Ritter Pens Psychological Thriller, Bonfire

As the old adage goes, creative adults are children who survived. Here at Bookstr, we love when creative celebrities experiment with different storytelling platforms  which is why we’re so excited for Krysten Ritter’s first novel, Bonfire, a psychological thriller.

Ritter, a 16-year television and film actress known prominently for her portrayal of Marvel’s, Jessica Jones, said she’s a huge fan of psychological suspense stories and enjoyed the opportunity to explore character development in a new lens. “I was so thrilled to take on the challenge of writing my first book,” said Ritter in a statement. “This was an exciting opportunity for me to explore a character journey and really get inside the head of my protagonist, a process that has a lot in common with how I prepare to play a role.”

The plot line looks equally enticing to us. According to Amazon, the story follows 28-year old Abby Williams, an environmental lawyer living a trendy life in the heart of Chicago. Originally from humble beginnings in the small town of Barrens, Indiana, Williams finds herself drawn back home to investigate a high-profile company, OptimalPlastics, on a water pollution charge.

Things start to unravel from here as Abby begins to connect the controversy with the past disappearance of her high school bully. With small-town rituals, “tantalizing twists,” slow-burning suspense, and more, we believe Bonfire will live up to the hype. The novel will be published Nov. 7 through Crown Archetype.

Glad to see your inner child survived, Ritter.


Featured image courtesy of Speakers Corner.