Kit Harrington Showcases His Versatile Acting Skills in This Hilarious Skit

As the Season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones grows closer, Kit Harrington, aka Jon Snow, made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. During this appearance, Kimmel proclaimed that they were showing “exclusive, never before seen, Kit Harrington screen tests.”


Here is what happened next:



Can you believe he auditioned for so many roles? Like ‘Kersei’ Lannister?


Courtesy of youtube/ABC


And Jon Snow’s younger half-sister Arya Stark?


Courtesy of youtube/ABC


He even took a stab at roles like Ygritte (Jon Snow’s former flame), Hodor, and the King of the White Walkers…


Courtesy of youtube/ABC


…and even Daenerys Targaryen!


Courtesy of youtube/ABC

However, none of these auditions seemed to be much of a success for Harrington. Oh well, we are just thankful that Kit Harrington ended up in his role as the irreplaceable Jon Snow.


Click here for Season 7’s official trailer.


Featured image courtesy of Youtube/ABC