Kit Harington and Rose Leslie

Kit Harington Uses His Noggin to Prank Rose Leslie

Is this something George R.R. Martin would be proud of? I’m not sure. Has he created scenes just as gruesome and terrifying as the one you’re about to see? Well, of course.


Game of Thrones star Kit Harington was recently on The Jonathan Ross Show and revealed a heart-warming, amusing, and downright cruel story involving his soon-to-be bride, Rose Leslie. For those of you who are serious partakers in April Fools’ Day, you know that big reactions are the goal. Harington shared a prank he pulled on Leslie from April Fools, and it certainly got a big reaction.



His fiancée lazily opens the fridge to get the water pitcher. When she looks up, she shrieks in pure horror. She then whips herself around and places the pitcher down (impressively) before falling to her hands and knees. While she’s gasping for air and trying to keep her wits about her, we’re trying to figure out what could’ve been so frightening.


Harington explains himself before revealing what was in the fridge. “It turns out, now you’ve seen that, that she’s not a big…My family does April Fools’, her family doesn’t do April Fools’.” So what could’ve made Leslie jump  practically ten feet in the air?


Kit Harington

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That is just cruel and unusual. But, hey, nice work!


After showing us his synthetic noggin, we were told the post-prank banter wasn’t as funny. “After that she was in tears and I was there going, ‘April Fools.’ She pretty much told me if I did it ever again that would be it, and I think that’s marriage included.”


How mad would you be after that? I think the phrase “we’ll laugh about this one day” would be fitting right about now.


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