King Has Another Adaptation Coming

Stephen King and horror fans rejoice!

King announced that he will be co-writing a book with his son, Owen King. Even more exciting news is on the way… the collaboration is going to be adapted for television! This year has been beyond prosperous for horror and King fans as It, Gerald’s Game, and Dark Tower all have feature full-length movies coming out. Sleeping Beauties is now being added to the list of King adaptations even though the book won’t be released until September.

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King has released 10 short-story collections and 56 novels, and he still writes profusely at age 69. His two sons, Joe Hill and Owen King, clearly gained some of his gifts as they are both successful authors in their own right. Seeing such a prolific writer pair up with his son is something that we shouldn’t miss. 

So what is Sleeping Beauties about? According to the synopsis on Stephen King’s personal website, sleeping women become covered in a cocoon-like gauze. If that gauze is disturbed and the women are woken up then they become violent; but one woman, Evie, is immune to this strange sleeping disease. I’m already excited to read and watch this one, even if I’m at a baseball game. 

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