They even signed autographs!

Kindergartners Celebrate Reading One Million Words With Amazing Party

A class of kindergartners in Columbus, Georgia read a total of one million words over the school year – that’s 250 books! The class kept track by handing in weekly reading logs in order to hit their goal and celebrated their “Millionaire’s Bash” in style, arriving to school in a limousine. 

In an interview with Buzzfeed, one student’s mom said that her son Breyden and the rest of the class felt like celebrities as they stepped out of their limo and were greeted by adoring “fans” (their parents and teachers). They signed autographs for them as they made their way to their classroom party.

Images courtesy of Denetta Suragh

According to Breyden’s mom, his new love of reading not only improved his reading ability, but now his younger brother wants to learn as well! “For him to actually accomplish that just makes me proud as his mom, to see him so happy about reading,” she said.    

After a tweet from Breyden’s uncle went viral, many people congratulated the kids on reaching their goal and gave credit to the school for giving the kids a new love for reading.

We’re so proud of these kids for being so dedicated to reading. Here’s to a million more words!


Featured image courtesy of Buzzfeed