Kids Prefer Reading Books As Texts

A new app that delivers users books as text message conversations is competing neck and neck with Kindle and Audible. 

The app is called ‘Hooked‘, and it was developed earlier this year through a company called ‘Telepathic.’ 

The premise is simple: the app sends you segments of a book in the form of text messages, but once you hit your max, the app will pause, and you will have to buy the book. Hence, you must be ‘hooked’ on the book in order to buy it. 

The app is resonating most, as the creators hoped, with 13-24-year-olds. The wary among us might worry that they are cynically catering to the allegedly diminished attention spans of the young, but their most recent data shows that 85% of users go on to complete the entire book at hand. 

The app has even begun recruiting new authors to write books specifically for the app, requesting that writers create engaging page turners instead of tedious works of literature. 


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