Keepster Revolutionizes Bookish Gifts This Holiday Season

Who knew time could fly when you’re spending so much time at home? All I know is that the holiday season is creeping ever nearer, but don’t panic. You will NOT be picking up last-minute gag gifts or desperately regifting that birthday present that just wasn’t your color. You can have a heartfelt, thoughtful (bonus: bookish!), affordable AND sustainable present for the most important people in your life, and I’ll show you exactly how.


Image via Keepster


In a word, Keepster is revolutionary. The app and printing service allows you to back up all of your texts across multiple platforms from your iPhone, organizing them into folders or Keepsters. From there, you can turn the Keepster into a book, and here’s where the gifting comes in. You can make a series of books with highlights from your family group chat, or college roommates, maybe ‘who stole my shirt last thanksgiving break?’ back and forths with your sisters. Anything and everything can be included in your book, and you get to design much of it yourself, right from the Keepster app.

This is a gifting game changer. Every year we have the same struggle of trying to decide what gift we can get that will let the recipient know we love them, and understand them. Turns out the answer is right there on your phone. Your everyday correspondence is the thread of your friendship or relationship in a digital age, a thread you can capture beautifully and gift right back to them.


Image via Keepster


Now I didn’t say it was sustainable as a buzzword either, because Keepster meant it, and are committed to keeping your loved ones and the planet happier. Books are made of paper, after all! They have partnered with One Tree Planted, which does exactly what it says on the tin. For every Keepster book ordered, One Tree Planted will, well, plant a tree. This partnership grew (sorry – couldn’t resist!) from the company’s commitment to ensuring a balance in production. They wanted to ensure they were not taking from the environment more than they were giving and decided to support reforestation. In this year’s holiday gifting, you can too.


Image via Keepster


Bookstr hack: Choose a green cover page to keep the theme going!

Downloading the app and organizing years of texts is completely free, and the book service is affordable, starting at only $10! You can also add multiple books to your cart, meaning you can make the entire family happy this holiday season in one fell swoop. I’ve made one myself, which I will tell you all about, but I have to say one of the highlights of the process was the trip down memory lane it offered me. You can reminisce on all of your favorite memories AND win gift giver of the year!

We have an exclusive code, to offer you 25% off your first order, so what are you waiting for? Make sure to get your orders in the coming weeks to ensure your books are arriving in time to light up faces on Christmas morning. Thank me later!

Feature image via Keepster